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Bentonite Clay


Stops seepage. Bentonite is a form of clay that swells 12 to 15 times its dry size when wetted. It fills tiny voids through which water may seep. It may be used on dry surfaces to be flooded later or on existing ponds by scattering it over the surface. Not recommended for use over limestone […]

Blue Chip Plus


​Affordable Kentucky bluegrass that compliments any mix or blend.Provides early spring green-up in March and April, when other bluegrass are still sleepy.Resistance to summer patch, melting out, necrotic ring spot, leaf spot and dollar spot.


Erosion Control

Three stable UV nets with top net being 8lb., middle net is 24 lb., and bottom net is 8 lb. 100% coconut matrix material.

Caddieshack II


​An NK variety.Dark green color.Good heat and drought tolerance.Good resistance to crown rust, leaf spot, gray and pink snow mold.


Industrial, Bareground & Right-of-Way

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​For control of herbaceous broadleaf weeds and woody plants in rangelend, permanent pastures, Conservation reserve Programs, forests and non-cropland areas.​

Cardinal Creeping Red


Excellent resistance to wear and tear.Medium dark color.Good winter hardiness.Improved drought tolerance.Relatively rapid establishment.

Cascade Plus

Wetting Agents & Spreader Stickers

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​A combination of non-ionic surfactants that hydrate the soil and penetrate to provide deeper, more uniform water infiltration.​