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Cutrine Ultra (Applicator Only)


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​Cutrine Ultra is algaecide with an emulsified surfactant, which controls existing algae and some underwater rooted plants.

Cyonara EW (Scimitar CS)


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​To control pests on ornamentals and lawns in landscaped areas around residential, institutional, public and commercial areas.​

Defiant 75WDG


​A dual purpose product that protects your turf from disease and your turf and ornamentals from animal damage. Prevents brown patch, dollar spot, pink snow mold, deer, rabbit, rodent and geese damage.​



​Great for general-purpose lawns or large areas.Good for sun and moderate shade.Low to average maintenance requirements.Does well under all soil types.

Dimension Ultra 40 WSP


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​A selective herbicide that provides control of listed annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in established lawns, commercial sod farms, ornamental turf and landscape ornamentals.

Diquat SPC/Reward


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​A non-selective, highly active contact material for management of weed problems in ponds and lakes. Provides fast control of a broad spectrum of aquatic weeds, both immersed and submersed.