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Diuron 80 DF

Industrial, Bareground & Right-of-Way

Liquid pre-emergence bareground herbicide for non-cropland areas, irrigation and drainage ditches. Controls annual broadleaf weeds and certain grasses, such as kochia, Russian thistle, pigweed and foxtail.​

Double O E-Pro


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​A broad spectrum pre-emergent herbicide for use in containers, field grown and landscape ornamentals, cut flowers and ornamentals foliage.​

DRI Spreader-Sticker

Wetting Agents & Spreader Stickers

​Dry, water-soluble powder for use with any herbicide or pesticide specifying use of nonionic surfactant.​

Dursban 50WSP (Restricted Use)


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​Broad spectrum insecticide for use on ornamentals and turf for the control of cinch bugs, cutworms, fleas, leafhoppers, and sod webworms. Water soluble packets make it easy and safer to measure.​

Dylox 6.2G


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Granular insecticides for control of “white grub” larvae of Japanese beetle, European chafer, and southern chafer in turf. For quick knockdown of subsurface insects. Short residual (7-10 days).